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Much Love to everyone.

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Saul & Dorothy on the Ed Herlihy NBC radio show "Honeymoon in New York."  Broadcast November, 1947    (Click to download)

*Updated!* Gallery of Dorothy and Family

Eulogies from the June  1st, 2006 Funeral:

Lydia’s Tribute to her Mother      (MS Word)

Yolanda's Tribute to her Mother     (MS Word)

Hillel Katzeff's Eulogy     (MS Word)

Robert Csandl's Eulogy    (MS Word)

Reverend Dr. Franklin Sherman's Eulogy     (MS Word)

Rabbi Mordechai Torczyner's Eulogy     (MS Word)

Obituary (written by her daughters):
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*New!* United States Congressional Record Recognizing Dorothy:

Tribute to Dorothy Roth -- (House of Representatives - July 11, 2006)     (PDF Image)

Current Collection of Articles Published in her memory in the Morning Call (Newspaper of Allentown, PA and the surrounding area; articles mirrored) :

Civic Treasure Dorothy Roth Stood Tall

Advocate with a 'Vision', Dorothy Roth, dies at 83

Grateful for friend's encouragement of others

A glimmer of hope for a drug and alcohol detoxification center in Lehigh County

Endings and Beginnings                                                                        

Citizen Roth  (Please Note: There is incorrect information in this article that indicates she had a long illness.  She in fact had surgery and did not need to even go to the ICU as she so stable she could go back to a regular hospital room)